Pearls are likely the gift you’ve been looking for - a white pearl necklace is perfect for graduates or birthdays, or a strand of oversized Tahitian pearls for anniversaries and special events. The natural beauty, the timeless elegance, and the understated simplicity of pearls are truly inspirational.


Pearls at L T Denny are available “ready to wear” in rings, pendants, earrings and strands. Alternatively, for our more discerning buyers, luminous white Akoya or exotic “black” Tahitian pearls are available in strands which you can select among and have knotted with your choice of clasp.


Remember, a classic pearl necklace or an exquisite pendant of Tahitian pearls make a great a present to yourself as well. Whatever the occasion, you will always find quality, selection, and expertise when selecting pearls at L T Denny.

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