Fire Cushion Diamonds

FireCushion Diamonds
FireCushion Diamonds

Considering a Round diamond? Why not consider another classic shape. FireCushion is the world’s most perfect alternative to an Ideal Round. It looks similar to a Round, with matching brilliance and beauty, and is less expensive than a Round of the same weight. Come in and see the difference for your eyes at L T Denny Jewelers

FireCushion Facts

* Uniform brilliance with an average 95% light return

* At least 15% LARGER than typical Cushions of the same weight

* Cut eliminates extra belly improving light return and reducing weight

* Graded Ex Ex (polish & symmetry) Cushion Brilliant by the GIA

* FireCushion diamonds are extremely rare

* Perfect alternative to a round diamond

FireCushions are 15% bigger than typical Cushions
The Perfect Alternative to the Ideal Round Cut